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Check your Horoscope for the date 20-6-20, by Sri Ravi Shanker Guruji

Guruji Ravi Shanker Guruji says that effects of the solar eclipse can be seen two days prior so be careful. Take a notice of the health of any elders in your house. Those who looted the money illegally, those who made money by cheating others and those who made money by any other illegal ways will definitely fall into their own traps someday.

Officers in the government who are corrupt will get more corrupt. They also start new schemes provided by the government. Sun means the soul and on this Solar Eclipse, listen to your soul. There’s nothing as pure as soul and try to take next step listening to your soul.

Listening to what others say is the real eclipse. During this situation of deadly corona virus, roaming without wearing the mask, not washing the hands, not visiting the doctor after showing symptoms is the real eclipse. Not following these necessary instructions will result in our country having more corona virus infections. So, wash your hands and legs before you enter the house. Use Cow urine to purify your house and surroundings of your house. Also purifying your soul is important. Before eating, focus on your food and always take in healthy food.

Here is the horoscope for today:

Aries: Today is a very good day in terms of both personal life and work life. Try not to roam around too much as it is Saturday.

Taurus: Those who are dealing with Dairy and Dairy products have a very good day.

Gemini: Those who have any infections should take care of themselves. If there are any senior citizens in the house such as mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, father-in-law, mother-in-law take care of them.

Cancer: Today is the most prosperous day. Today is the day you might end up doing a big project.

Leo: Those who own a business will have a hard day while spending. All others will end up having a good day.

Virgo: Today is not such a good day. Try not to get too angry or confused about anything. If you have an idol of Goddess Durga or Lord Ganesha, perform abishekam of milk, honey and ghee. Make a prasadam out of it and serve it to others. Listen to Devi Durga and Ganesha’s devotional songs to keep yourself focused.

Libra: Today is the most carefree day. You’ll be happy today and have a wonderful day.

Scorpio: Today is the most wonderful day. You’ll be happy in terms of everything in life. From work to business, life, family, money and health everything keeps you happy.

Sagittarius: You’ll get some good news today either from your family or work place.

Aquarius: You’ll succeed if you are working to benefit your family. You’ll find yourself very happy today. Although, take care of mental health of elders at your house such as parents and in laws.

Pisces: Today is a very prosperous day. You’ll see that everything you touch is gold. You’ll get double the results in whatever you invest. You’ll be joyful, brave and also feel soulful today.


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