Check your Horoscope for the date 29-6-20, by Sri Ravi Shanker Guruji

If you are suffering from Migraine, take some pure ghee and boil it a little bit and apply it where you have headache, you’ll feel better. Also if you have a cough, take a spoon of sesame oil, castor oil and mix it with garlic. Boil this mixture and apply it on back, throat, chest, forehead and palm. This will help a lot for people suffering from wheezing and dust allergy. Also, you can take a spoon of Shankaramrutham every day to improve your immunity.

Here’s the horoscope for today:

Aries: You have a good day. If you are working in a police department or in the banking sector, you have some extra pressure at work. But, don’t worry a lot about it and just focus on making the day good.

Taurus: Don’t try to be over intelligent about anything. It might get you into places where you don’t have to be.

Gemini: You have a good day. If you have any elders at home, sit down and handle your issues. You don’t have to rage out and fight with them. Keep yourself calm and everything will be fine.

Cancer: You’ll have a great and exciting day. You’ll hear some good news from both workplace and at home. Get ready for some good news.

Leo: You might mess up things up so don’t think a lot too much or feel too disturbed. Keep yourself calm and work on your goals.

Virgo: You have something bothering you all day. Don’t take too much tension and stay come. Also avoid eating sour and stay away from people who taunt you.

Libra: The day will be a very busy one where you’ll end up staying late. But you’ll manage it well.

Scorpio: You have an excellent week to come. Your week will be successful and your day is a great foundation for the coming week.

Sagittarius: There will be lot of disturbances at work and there will be people who try to break up your confidence, don’t fall for it.

Capricon: You’ll have good friends who help you. If you have any businesses in partnership with your friends, you’ll hear some good news.

Aquarius: There will be an extra stress at work and travel. Still you will hear some good news.

Pisces: There is a chance that you’ll bump into old friends or a relative. You have some money coming from good sources. You’ll have a good day.


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