why am i single

Being single might be fun but many struggles being single. Most of them don’t like the idea of being single. Many guys and girls go mad over being single because it’s become a matter of respect and dignity, especially among teenagers. So, why are you single? There are many reasons why one might be single. Let’s know these reasons and how to make it right.

You’re too scared to make a move: All of us have faced this at some point in life where we are too scared to make a move. Sometimes we get so scared that we even give up trying. Both men and woman make this mistake of not talking to the person we like and end up being single in the end. So next time whenever you face this situation, man up and go talk to your crush. This way you can tell yourself that at least you tried.

Fear of competition: Whenever you see someone attractive, the first thing that might come to your mind that you’d have to compete with many others who has a crush on that person. This way you end up pulling yourself down and also your chance of getting into a relationship. Don’t have a second thought about talking to a person you like. Just do it.

Busy routine: You might be having a very busy routine. So busy, that you don’t give yourself time to socialise and always focus on work. Though this is good for your career, this might affect your personal life badly. Every once in awhile, take a break from your work and spend some time out meeting new people, visiting new places. You’ll definitely find a partner at some point.

Isolation and difficulty to socialise: Due to bad life experiences with people you might have stopped socialising with people. Just know that everyone is not the same and there are good people who deserve to be in your life. Try to socialise and give people a chance. Not all the experiences end up being bad. Stop isolating yourself and get out there because the world is bigger and better than you think.

You’re too independent: Being independent is great. You’re self-sufficient and don’t have to worry about anything. But, you shouldn’t be too independent because you have to find someone whom you can depend upon and someone who can depend on you. All the problems can’t be solved on your own and everything can’t be faced alone. There are times where you really need support. So find that person who’ll support you always.


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