For some people love is a game and for some others love is something true and pure but path of love is not so simple. Finding a love is tough but for a love to reach its destination in the end is tougher than finding a love. Only after facing many difficulties, many struggles and fights that the love will be successful. And the life after reaching that destination of love is impeccable.

But nowadays, both boys and girls, not only find their love easily, but also they equally find an excuse to get rid of that love. But in most of the cases, the girls get down to make a move away from their partners. This not just a saying because a study has revealed this secret that girls are most capable of cheating on their partners than guys. The survey also explains why girls take the route of infidelity. These days, people break their relationship with their partner for small matters which most of the time seems silly to people. But there might be much more than a silly reason to a break up.

relationship status

A survey conducted to check why girls cheat on their partner show that women mostly cheat on their partner because of sexual desires. The study also shows that in the present generation, both men and women cheat on their partner in a same rate and this rate might even vary in the future as women most likely to cheat because of varied sexual experience and their preference of seeking sexual variety.

Another reason for a woman to break up is that those woman remain unsatisfied with their relationships. If a women feels that she’s trapped in some way or not able to experience anything in a right way as she should, she might end up breaking up with her partner. These kinds of situations can put both under tremendous pressure especially for those couples who are married and have kids, a break up can tear up the whole family which can result in psychological changes.

This survey was carried out to find the reasons why women end up living their partners and the main reasons why they end up cheating their partners. With most women choosing less satisfaction in a relationship and less sexual experiences as reasons of break up, there were also reasons such as physical or mental torture by the partner.


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