drone pratap

Drone Pratap has been trending from the past week for many wrong reasons. He first began to trend when a twitter user put up his photo tweeting that he landed a job at ISRO appointed directly by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Even after Drone Pratap himself rejected the claim, netizens started digging his past regarding his claims of struggling successful stories. These stories included travelling around the world and winning gold medals at events held in different countries.

All the news agencies hailed him for his achievements and he received many awards and accolades from all sides including from the Karnataka government. What no one cared was about proofs of his achievements.

As soon as the news started spreading, people began to identify one common fault in his claims. He had no proof anywhere online. He neither posted any video or photos of his achievements nor did he have any of his self-made drones which he claimed. Raising suspicion, many netizens researched the background of his achievements. But not even a single post of his achievement was found online.

Even though there are a few photos of 2 of his certificates, there’s no guarantee that they are real as none of the conventions that he participated gave any medals or certificates. Also, there are photos of him attending conventions in Japan with a few drones. But those drones have been labelled by one of the most famous drone company of Japan. Even though drone Pratap claims that the drones in the picture are his, netizens are having a hard time to believe him.

Netizens also find in many of his speeches as they feel that some of his speeches especially the one where he says his drone carried more than 300kgs, netizens feel it doesn’t even obey the laws of Physics. Amongst all the confusion, a local news channel held an interview with Drone Pratap and he said that he would be coming with all the proofs that he has and prove that his claims are not fake.

Only time will tell if he faked everything or if he’s a real brilliant drone scientist.


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