Every day we come across strange and breath-taking videos on internet which is very hard to believe. Sometimes the videos are so extraordinary that we feel that the video is fake. Here is another such video which has gone viral.

In this video a girl who seems to be not so old does a backflip wearing a saree! This seems a fake news but it’s true. It’s very tough to do a backflip even with normal clothes and not many succeed in doing a proper backflip. Even the experienced ones doesn’t land very well on their hands while doing a backflip. Here is the video where a girl does a back flip perfectly wearing a saree. India is a land of extraordinary things and extraordinary people and this is one such case.

If you are also motivated to do a back flip, here is some tips on how to do a back flip:

  1. Get into position by stretching your body. Do cardio for 5 minutes and make sure your body is active.
  2. Find a soft surface such as a mat or a bed. Never do a backflip on a rough surface as there are chances that you might injure yourself. There are many times where people have injured themselves while performing a backflip on a rough surface. Soft surfaces help you land perfectly without injuring yourself.
  3. Take some help before starting to learn a backflip. The take-off and landing are the two important things that you need to perfect yourself. Take help in the beginning so that you learn well and perfect the backflip.
  4. Keep your hands high and bend your knees like doing a squat before taking off. Bending your knees will help you jump longer so that you can land perfectly.


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