permanent commission for women

In probably one of the biggest landmark changes to the Indian army, the Indian government has ordered to provide a permanent commission to the women in the army. This is considered as one of the landmark judgements by the honourable Supreme Court regarding the Indian army. The case that dates back to 2003, when a petition was filed in Delhi High Court regarding providing a permanent commission to the women officers in the Indian army.

However, even though the order was in favour of providing permanent commission to women, the government challenged the order in the Supreme Court in 2010. After several years of passing, the Supreme Court finally ordered to the government on February 17th, 2020 to provide a permanent commission to women within 3 months of passing the order.

By making a change to the gender stereotype, the Supreme Court quoted that the battle of gender equality is the battles in mind. Through this landmark judgement, women in all the three services of the army can now serve until their retirement.

Before this order, women had to retire early and also no women were qualified for the government pension as they could not serve in the army for more than 20 years. With this judgement, women can work till they get to retirement age and also have a chance to move up to higher posts and ranks.

With women making up to only 4 per cent of power in the army, the government is looking to shake things up and recruit more women into the army thereby strengthening women power in the army. Women will be given equal opportunities as men and will be recruited for more posts in the Indian army.


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