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Coronavirus has become one of the biggest disasters the world has ever seen in the recent past. Due to Covid-19, people all over the world are working from home and has quarantined themselves at home due to lockdown. With the people around the world stuck in their homes due to quarantine, people are finding unique ways to spend their time and get out of boredom.

In one such case, a guy named John Brad from west Yorkshire, England, who was bored of staying at home the whole day due to quarantine spent his time digging his backyard. What he found next was something amazing.

John Brad found an old Ford car hidden in his backyard. John Brad had bought this house 6 months ago and was residing there. He didn’t knew much history about the house and bought it because it was big and spacious. As the backyard was a part of his property, the old car that he found after digging will also end up being his property.

According to him, the car is a Ford which belongs to 50’s era. The car can be more than 70 years old he feels. As he couldn’t get help from others due to quarantine to lift the car up, he decided to remove the car parts one by one.

As per reports, John Brad found almost the whole part of the car including a number plate. The car is said to be a brown coloured Ford belonging to 1950’s generation.

John Brad says that as soon as the lockdown is lifted in his town, he’s going to take up the car to repair and keep it in his house as a part of antique piece collection.

John Brad was quite shocked when he found something as valuable as the car as he dug his backyard just to get out of boredom of staying at home all day and he is glad that he found something.


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